We dislike having to lay down the law, but sometimes you just have to! In order to insure the safety and comfort of all our guests, please be familiar with and agreeable to our policies. Your reservation serves as an acceptance of these terms.


We will issue a full refund for cancellations 6 days or more prior to arrival date with written notice. Due to the nature of our small business, we cannot issue a refund for cancellations made less than 5 days prior to arrival date, unless the room is booked by another party in that time frame. No refunds will be issued for early departures.

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in starts at 3:00 pm and check-out is at 11:00 am. We may be able to accommodate an earlier arrival if the room is available. Please contact us ahead of time if you plan to arrive before 3:00 pm.

We can accommodate late arrivals with advanced notice. Please contact us if you plan to arrive after 9:00 pm, and we will make arrangements to get you checked-in.

Room Rates

All guest room rates are based on double occupancy and subject to 9% sales and occupancy tax.

Smoking and Candles

Smoking is not permitted in the house. Outdoor smoking areas are available.  We ask that guests not smoke near entrances to the house out of courtesy to others. Candles and open flames of any type are not permitted in guest rooms.

Guest Parking

There is parking conveniently located on the property for our guests, as well as a public parking lot directly across the street that guests can also utilize. Parking during festivals and special events is limited to the property only.


Children are welcome but must remain under parental supervision at all times. We do not permit rough housing or running through the house. Safety first!


We are proud to offer a dog-friendly accommodation. However, we hope that our pet-owning guests will also give us every reason to STAY dog-friendly. Please read this thoroughly so you, your pet and other guests will be safe and happy, and we can keep our inn open to all four-legged friends!

Pets are an additional $15 per night.

Please remember that you are liable for your pet at all times, and you are also responsible for damage, injury or lost revenue that your pet may cause. If you would like to make arrangements with us to pet sit for a few hours, please let us know. We will try our best to accommodate.

We have supplied your room with a basket containing sheets to put over furniture and a towel for wiping off wet or dirty paws. Also included are bags for placing your dog’s “calling cards”. Please pick up after your dog. There are garbage cans in the back yard for disposing of bagged waste.

Dogs should be clean, free of fleas, up to date on shots, and brushed before arriving. This is especially important with long-haired dogs.

Dogs are not allowed on the beds. If there is evidence of dog hair in the bed, we charge an additional $100.00. Please respect this rule. Cleaning sheets, blankets, and comforters full of dog hair takes an inordinate amount of time.

Always keep your pet on a leash while on the property and near others. Other adults, children or pets may fear your pet, even if it is the cutest little thing on the face of this earth!


Peddlers & Paddlers Inn
1322 Elk Street
Franklin, PA 16323

Peddlers & Paddlers is ideally located in the historic section of downtown Franklin, two blocks from the shops and restaurants on Liberty Street, and a two-minute walk from Fountain and Bandstand Parks, where a majority of the Franklin based festivals are held.  Franklin is a very walkable town, with lots to see and appreciate.

If you are looking for a perfect getaway weekend, we are less than a two-hour drive from Pittsburgh, Erie, and Akron, and 3.5 hours from Altoona, Harrisburg, Cleveland, and Buffalo.  Franklin also offers a small airport with flights from limited areas. Check here for more info: https://flyfranklin.org/149/Airport

Parking is available on the property, and in a large public lot directly across the street from Peddlers & Paddlers.